Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Happies

Little Happies are about the little things in life that give joy. Thanks to Stephanie at Blessed to Be for the idea.
- - one - -

We went to Old Navy last weekend and did very well. Five items for $13? Not too shabby.

- - two - -

Upon returning from Old Navy, I told my husband that I was proud of our haul. With a look of surprise on his face, he asked if I was going to go gather the cows from the back forty or if I was suddenly a hipster. His question produced a look of confusion on my face. Apparently, he had never heard me say "haul" in that context. Isn't that just what people say? Have I really never said it before? 

- - three - -

We close on our first house in 16 days! Packing has officially begun, and we are starting a to-do list. Yay!


  1. Congrats on the closing!!!! Old Navy - oh my - they have the best deals!!

  2. Yay for your first Little Happies! These are awesome. And yay for closing on a house!!! I'm so pumped for you guys. :D I've definitely used the word "haul" before like that. And I'm super impressed by your Old Navy haul. I LOVE getting a good deal on clothes. :)


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