Friday, November 8, 2013

Craft: The Prayer Box

In order to consistently pray for our family and friends, my husband and I decided to create a family prayer box. After dinner each evening, we take one card from each category and pray for the people on it. We hope to pray in this way for each of our immediate family members at least once per week and each person or family in the other categories about once per month.
My first step in the process was finding the perfect box. I could not find even a recipe card box in local stores, but found this oneon Amazon. It just so happens that the brand is Semikolon, and the logo is a semicolon (see picture). The semicolon is my favorite punctuation mark, so that's a bonus. Yes, I do have a favorite punctuation mark.

In order to create the divider cards, I glued two letter cards together. Then, I made labels on my good friend, the label maker, and wrapped them around the tabs. We chose the following categories:
  • Immediate Family
  • Friends/Extended Family
  • Church Family
  • Global/Other

I wrote names on the front of index cards and specific prayer topics on the back, if known. And there you have it. Our family prayer box.

How does your family remember to pray for the people around you?

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