Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Davy's Disaster #482

This is a picture of my lower leg. You are smart and likely figured that out before I told you. Did you happen to notice the lovely red scrape across the pasty whiteness? Yeah, I noticed, too. 

How might I have acquired such a scrape? I'll give you a few guesses:
  1. While biking up a mountain, I got a little too close to a bush.
  2. While hiking up said mountain, a boulder got in my way.
  3. I got in a fight with a cheese grater, and obviously won.
  4. None of the above.
If you guessed "none of the above," you are right. Yesterday morning, I rolled out of bed a little groggier than normal. Without allowing my brain the proper time to calibrate, I got up and wandered into the closet. You might wonder why. I'm with you there. I would love to tell you exactly what happened, but my memory of the incident is a little foggy. Maybe I attempted to don socks while standing on one foot. Maybe I was doing a groggy morning stretch. We will never know. The next thing I knew, the hamper bit me. My leg slammed down hard and slid across the corner of the hamper. A slightly-more-awake Davy limped out of the closet to assess her injuries and find some coffee. And that's how it's done, Ladies and Gentlemen. I could write a book called, "How To Accidentally Injure Yourself in the Safety of Your Own Home." Trust me, this was not the first incident.

So, this story has a moral: Always wake up fully before attempting dangerous stunts, like putting socks on.

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